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Winery Tour 24-26 April 2009, Page 3
Pictures from Sunday, 26 April

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1-IMG_6221R.jpg (240752 bytes)
Russ washes off dirt
2-IMG_9124R.jpg (318023 bytes)

Robert cleans Harry's GT

3-April 09 113R.jpg (407769 bytes)

Sunday breakfast

4-IMG_9117R.jpg (222507 bytes)

Outdoor art

5-IMG_1986R.jpg (603672 bytes)

Nature's art

6-April 09 116R.jpg (396119 bytes)

Flowers, wine, MGs

7-April 09 120R.jpg (450461 bytes)

Another octagon table

DSC03963R.jpg (291621 bytes)

Working both ends

8B-April 09 119R.jpg (431875 bytes)

Mike & Barb

9-IMG_9126R.jpg (279739 bytes)

One last reminder

10-April 09 122R.jpg (438016 bytes)

Group photo

11-April 09 124R.jpg (444003 bytes)

It starts!

12-April 09 125R.jpg (315450 bytes)

MGs line up

DSC03972R.jpg (345892 bytes)

1st stop

13-IMG_6232R.jpg (194035 bytes)

Approaching Edible Landscaping

14-IMG_2450R.jpg (210131 bytes)

Large greenhouse

DSC03968R.jpg (241168 bytes)

Taking a tour

15-IMG_2451R.jpg (226095 bytes)

Talking plants

16-IMG_2452R.jpg (161966 bytes)

Robert waits for a breeze

DSC03971R.jpg (268785 bytes)
Alan & Susan ponder selection
DSC03970R.jpg (197752 bytes)

Making a decision

18-IMG_2455R.jpg (193080 bytes)

Gathering in parking lot

19-IMG_6238.JPG (318940 bytes)

Heading down the hill

20-IMG_2457R.jpg (159875 bytes)

Flying Fox Vineyard tasting room

DSC03973R.jpg (155913 bytes)

 Tasting at Flying Fox   

21-IMG_2456R.jpg (159572 bytes)

MGs in the parking lot

22-IMG_9128R.jpg (240844 bytes)

MGs and Blue Ridge mountains

DSC03976R.jpg (250165 bytes)

View towards tasting room

DSC03979R.jpg (220030 bytes)

Stopping for lunch

24-IMG_2001R.jpg (281830 bytes)

Is that a dead chicken over my head?

25-IMG_2002R.jpg (316012 bytes)

Group enjoys Dr. Ho's Humble Pie pizza

26-IMG_2003R.jpg (307050 bytes)

Relaxing over lunch

27-IMG_6241R.jpg (223015 bytes)

Final winery stop

28-IMG_6242.JPG (250072 bytes)

Tasting room

29-IMG_9132R.jpg (220233 bytes)

Wine tasting

30-IMG_9136R.jpg (214826 bytes)

Everyone gets a turn

31-IMG_9137R.jpg (243117 bytes)

Beautiful alpine style room

32-IMG_6253.JPG (241760 bytes)

Robin ponders selection

33-IMG_6251.JPG (255540 bytes)

Ageing room below

34-IMG_2459R.jpg (205345 bytes)

MGs & vineyard