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Winery Tour 24-26 April 2009, Page 2
Pictures from Saturday, 25 April

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1-April 09 047.jpg (363315 bytes)
Early morning view
2-April 09 063R.jpg (478180 bytes)

MGs among the Dogwoods

3-IMG_6133.JPG (401130 bytes)

Mark Addy Inn

4-IMG_6134.JPG (407132 bytes)

Fountain in front

DSC03934R.jpg (221413 bytes)

Relaxing after breakfast

5-April 09 066R.jpg (393896 bytes)

Members & their cars

6-April 09 068.jpg (352555 bytes)

Heading out

7A-IMG_6142.JPG (187585 bytes)

On the road again

7B-IMG_1918R.jpg (237882 bytes)

Typical scenery

8-IMG_6146R.jpg (153360 bytes)

Approaching cyclists

9-IMG_1905R.jpg (429394 bytes)

Passing cyclists

10-IMG_1908R.jpg (644950 bytes)

Heading uphill

11-IMG_1909R.jpg (492534 bytes)

More uphills

12-IMG_1910R.jpg (535439 bytes)


13-IMG_1920R.jpg (275304 bytes)

MGs behind

14-IMG_1921R.jpg (250720 bytes)

Making a U-turn

15-IMG_1922R.jpg (195486 bytes)

Alan checks map

16-IMG_1924R.jpg (348621 bytes)

Herding MGs

17-IMG_1927R.jpg (348095 bytes)

Cynthia goes offroading

18-IMG_6153.JPG (302376 bytes)

A sign we all like to see!
DSC02492R.jpg (197966 bytes)

First winery of the day

19-IMG_6159.JPG (384175 bytes)

Mountain Cove Vineyards

20-April 09 072R.jpg (278222 bytes)

Gravel driveway

21-IMG_1934R.jpg (309283 bytes)

MGs parked by barn

22-IMG_2428R.jpg (139090 bytes)

MGs by a vineyard

23-IMG_6167.JPG (322650 bytes)

Bob & Linda park on an incline

24-IMG_6168.JPG (388317 bytes)

Hey, what's this?
25-IMG_6169.JPG (225416 bytes)
26-IMG_2430R.jpg (161416 bytes)

And you parked in a Handicap spot!

27-IMG_9074R.jpg (297197 bytes)

All is forgiven

28-April 09 076R.jpg (314980 bytes)

Tasting wines

29-April 09 078R.jpg (315945 bytes)

Waiting in line

30-April 09 081.jpg (373168 bytes)

Two-fisted Terry!

31-IMG_9075R.jpg (251807 bytes)

Octagon table

32-IMG_9084R.jpg (289702 bytes)

Relaxing in shade

33-IMG_2431R.jpg (178926 bytes)

Kicking glasses

34-IMG_9085R.jpg (292825 bytes)

Tasting room

DSC02494R.jpg (364323 bytes)

Old barn, old MG

35-April 09 086R.jpg (140259 bytes)

Group photo

36-IMG_9080R.jpg (420808 bytes)

Winery dog

37-IMG_9089R.jpg (211205 bytes)

Petrol stop

38-IMG_9090R.jpg (225994 bytes)
MGs take over another gas station
39-IMG_1943R.jpg (300363 bytes)

Talley Ho!

40-IMG_2434R.jpg (157744 bytes)

Blue Mountain Brewery

41-IMG_2436R.jpg (199763 bytes)

Brewpub for lunch

42-IMG_6179.JPG (220441 bytes)

Mike & Barb relax

43-IMG_6180.JPG (250380 bytes)

One of our tables

44-April 09 091R.jpg (324652 bytes)

Real beer drinkers at this table!

45-April 09 094R.jpg (373565 bytes)
Taking a tour
DSC03951R.jpg (190254 bytes)

Homebrewers Mike & Susan listen to a professional

46-IMG_2433R.jpg (178574 bytes)
Fermenting tanks

47-April 09 096R.jpg (409916 bytes)

Their products

48-IMG_2437R.jpg (260919 bytes)

MGs in parking lot

DSC03954R.jpg (286802 bytes)

Next winery

49-IMG_2441R.jpg (141912 bytes)

Cardinal Point Winery

50-IMG_9096R.jpg (326622 bytes)

MGs in "parking lot"

51-IMG_2439R.jpg (212543 bytes)

Winery & tasting room

52-IMG_9098R.jpg (328228 bytes)

View from above

53A-IMG_6187R.jpg (188599 bytes)

Close-up view

53B-April 09 104R.jpg (266188 bytes)

Rear end shot

54-April 09 103R.jpg (318415 bytes)

Wine tasting

55-IMG_9100R.jpg (199156 bytes)

Michele helps herself to more

56-IMG_6191.JPG (253652 bytes)

Ageing room

57-IMG_6192.JPG (198872 bytes)

Sampling of their wines

58-IMG_9106R.jpg (263163 bytes)

Winery cat

59-IMG_1947R.jpg (599997 bytes)

Shortcut over gravel road

60-IMG_1953R.jpg (335356 bytes)

MGs & cows

61-IMG_1955R.jpg (492913 bytes)

Eat my dust!

62-IMG_1961R.jpg (556657 bytes)

More dust!

63-IMG_1966R.jpg (586005 bytes)

MGs on switchback

64-IMG_1970R.jpg (710161 bytes)

Guide dog, are we there yet?

65-IMG_2445R.jpg (201376 bytes)

Delfosse Winery

66A-IMG_6200.JPG (310783 bytes)

Hostess & chef greets us

66B-IMG_6195.JPG (311828 bytes)

View from above

67-April 09 108R.jpg (421946 bytes)

MGs and terraced vineyard

68-IMG_6194.JPG (339119 bytes)

Relaxing before dinner
69-IMG_6196.JPG (332975 bytes)

Good food, good wine, good friends!

70-April 09 110R.jpg (319179 bytes)

Enjoying a great meal

DSC03959R.jpg (213377 bytes)

Dinner with a view!

DSC03960R.jpg (216343 bytes)

Marie & Tom, Michele

72-IMG_6202.JPG (245512 bytes)

After dinner

73-IMG_6207.JPG (213437 bytes)

Terry & Susan

74-IMG_6210.JPG (203032 bytes)

Stopping to erect hood

75-IMG_6212.JPG (232577 bytes)

Betty comes prepared 

76-IMG_2448R.jpg (146097 bytes)

Taking a picture of Betty & umbrella

77-IMG_1976R.jpg (298541 bytes)

Russ takes pic of Denise taking a pic

78-IMG_6214.JPG (167299 bytes)

Sunset in the mountains

79-IMG_1980R.jpg (289835 bytes)

Back at the Mark Addy Inn

80-IMG_6218.JPG (210238 bytes)

Relaxing on the porch

81-IMG_6219.JPG (231953 bytes)

Swapping stories

82-IMG_6220.JPG (178085 bytes)

Enjoying a laugh