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Pictures from the Winery Tour in Bedford held 25-27 April, page 3

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MGs at the Pottery

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Shopping in the cabin

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Robert takes a break
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MGs at the National D-Day Memorial

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MGs in the parking lot

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Overlord Arch

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Beach renactment

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Learning about D-Day
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Alan & Beckey

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TMGC members

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View from above

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Mike troubleshoots electrical problem
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What, no duct tape?

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Dinner at Liberty Station in Bedford

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More members at dinner

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Saturday night party

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Relaxing Saturday night
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Mike, Nancy, Barb, Mike, Denise

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Cynthia, the Hasslers, Russ, Robert & Michele, Jim

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Rose & Donald, Tad & Karen, Beckey & Alan, Terry

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MG coolies

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Sunday morning
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Nancy & Bernie

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Betty & Jim

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Robert & Michele

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Gathering after checkout
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Driving through Bedford

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Hickory Hill Winery

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Listening to the winemaker

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Bernie & Barb
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One of the vineyard near Smith Mountain Lake

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Bernie tries vacuum pump

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MGs in parking lot

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Bernie working on Barb's MGB
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Tad loads wine

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Beckey adds more wine to boot

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Lunch at Lago Pizza

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Peaks of Otter Tour? Close enough!

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IMG_2858R.jpg (119693 bytes)

Owner's son on leave from USAF

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Final winery of tour

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MGs at Savoy Lee Winery

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Another view

IMG_2863R.jpg (131712 bytes)

Final Tasting
IMG_6982R.jpg (290635 bytes)

Winery dog arrives

IMG_6983R.jpg (275211 bytes)

Winery dog checks for contraband

IMG_6987R.jpg (243246 bytes)

Russ fixes fuel leak

IMG_6990R.jpg (134567 bytes)

Gassing up at Crewe

IMG_2875R.jpg (92129 bytes)

Unsafe sight in Petersburg!