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Pictures from the Winery Tour in Bedford held 25-27 April, page 2

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MGs at the Peaks of Otter Lodge

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Friday night dinner

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Another table at dinner
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Early morning view

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View from out back

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Drained lake

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Kicking tyres

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MGs in the early light
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Barb, Beckey & Alan

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Getting ready for another day

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Putting the tops down

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Rose and Donald

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Alan & Beckey
IMG_6896R.jpg (169794 bytes)

Tad & Karen

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Ready to leave

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Sunny morning

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Vince & his MGB

IMG_2775R.jpg (99893 bytes)

TF interior
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On the road again

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MGs and Blue Ridge Mountains

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At the Peaks of Otter Winery

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In the parking lot

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Heading to the tasting room
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Terry by the tasting room

IMG_1759R.jpg (137133 bytes)

TMGC members tasting fruit wines

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IMG_2812R.jpg (101932 bytes)

If ya gotta scratch...
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Vince & MGB

IMG_6911R.jpg (271193 bytes)

Chuck & Becky

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Another addition to the tour

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A-H joins the group
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Another A-H at the winery

IMG_6918R.jpg (272584 bytes)

Cynthia & Andy

IMG_6924R.jpg (288347 bytes)

White Rock winery

IMG_6925R.jpg (162092 bytes)
MGs at White Rock

IMG_6923R.jpg (249121 bytes)

Waiting to enter
IMG_6926R.jpg (308949 bytes)

Late arrival

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Production room

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Ageing area

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Owner explains production

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View of "backyard"
IMG_2816R.jpg (214445 bytes)

Closeup view

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Owners pouring

IMG_6928R.jpg (156688 bytes)

Let the tasting begin

IMG_6929R.jpg (155941 bytes)

Opposite side

IMG_2818R.jpg (86261 bytes)

Andy likes that one!
IMG_2819R.jpg (92191 bytes)

Denise, Mike, Donald

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Another view

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Queing for lunch

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Lunch on the patio

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More members enjoying lunch
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On to Emerson Creek Pottery

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Old cabin now showroom