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                 Pictures from the MG 2008 Convention in Philadelphia, PA held 25-29 June
page 3, Saturday Car Show

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2008MG 134R.jpg (225078 bytes)

Show at Green Lane County Park

2008MG 135R.jpg (202903 bytes)

Setting up for panoramic picture

IMG_1524R.jpg (206719 bytes)

Continental soldier among British iron
2008MG 139R.jpg (210046 bytes)

Eiko, hide the Union Jack!

2008MG 140R.jpg (239118 bytes)

Getting a history lesson

IMG_2069R.jpg (183347 bytes)

Premier class

IMG_2070R.jpg (167364 bytes)

Another view

IMG_2073R.jpg (308683 bytes)

Paul Hanley's '64 MGB
IMG_2071R.jpg (248619 bytes)

Nice '62 MGB

2008MG 142R.jpg (276722 bytes)

Different view of show field

IMG_2075R.jpg (245751 bytes)

Pull handle MGBs

IMG_2076R.jpg (201605 bytes)

Early MGBs

IMG_2077R.jpg (266655 bytes)

Nice pair!
IMG_2074R.jpg (226035 bytes)

More early MGBs

IMG_2078R.jpg (184650 bytes)

MK II early MGBs

IMG_2080R.jpg (214574 bytes)

Twin of Barry's '69 MGB

IMG_2084R.jpg (239954 bytes)

MK II Recessed grille cars

IMG_2085R.jpg (241648 bytes)

MK II '73-74 MGBs
IMG_2081R.jpg (209612 bytes)

More late chrome bumper MGBs

IMG_2083R.jpg (294945 bytes)

Supercharged engine

IMG_2086R.jpg (248668 bytes)

Row of chrome bumpers

IMG_1491R.jpg (241684 bytes)

Midget racer

IMG_1528R.jpg (246929 bytes)

Business end
IMG_7489R.jpg (273034 bytes)

Frank & Morris Worrell

2008MG 148R.jpg (233337 bytes)

Chuck & Becky

IMG_2079R.jpg (216021 bytes)

John Twist walks the field

IMG_2082R.jpg (214027 bytes)

Early rubber bumper MGBs

2008MG 144R.jpg (271304 bytes)

More rubber bumpers
IMG_2089R.jpg (235261 bytes)

Later rubber bumper MGBs

IMG_2090R.jpg (178548 bytes)

Darkening skies

IMG_2119R.jpg (187605 bytes)

Tad's MGB

2008MG 145R.jpg (329262 bytes)

MD flag inspired bonnet

2008MG 147R.jpg (262400 bytes)

Barry, Mike and Mike's 79 MGB
2008MG 156R.jpg (270912 bytes)


2008MG 157R.jpg (315422 bytes)

GTs of Craig and Bob

2008MG 160R.jpg (340179 bytes)

More GTs

IMG_2111R.jpg (289522 bytes)
GTs of Susan & Terry Bond

IMG_2112R.jpg (207110 bytes)

Rubber bumper GTs
IMG_2088R.jpg (282352 bytes)

Checking out the mobile furniture

2008MG 159R.jpg (330567 bytes)

Chuck & MGC

IMG_2107R.jpg (292527 bytes)

MGC with triple Webers

IMG_2108R.jpg (191723 bytes)

More MGCs

IMG_2109R.jpg (223519 bytes)

Craig's MGC GT
2008MG 155R.jpg (257251 bytes)


IMG_2092R.jpg (200016 bytes)

LE's & Midgets

IMG_2106R.jpg (173479 bytes)

MGA and other MGs

IMG_2102R.jpg (204939 bytes)

View from other end

IMG_2103R.jpg (257163 bytes)

IMG_2104R.jpg (271960 bytes)

MG Magnette

IMG_1512R.jpg (223895 bytes)