TMGC Picture Gallery 

               Pictures from the MG 2008 Convention in Philadelphia, PA held 25-29 June
page 2, Friday

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2008MG 099R.jpg (297991 bytes)

Ready for touring!

2008MG 102R.jpg (252009 bytes)

Pit stop

2008MG 103R.jpg (314154 bytes)

One of the covered bridges
2008MG 107R.jpg (246622 bytes)

Another one

2008MG 110R.jpg (343195 bytes)

Eiko by their '76 MGB

2008MG 111R.jpg (340793 bytes)

Walking tour

2008MG 112R.jpg (346468 bytes)

Up close

2008MG 122R.jpg (313755 bytes)

MGB exiting a covered bridge
IMG_7477R.jpg (109462 bytes)

Stopping at a private car collection

2008MG 131R.jpg (304517 bytes)

MG TC & Austin Healey

IMG_7479R.jpg (245978 bytes)

Sebring MGA

IMG_7481R.jpg (233356 bytes)

Twin cam MGA

2008MG 126R.jpg (322366 bytes)

Garage full of toys
2008MG 125R.jpg (272517 bytes)

Doug takes a respite from all the cars

2008MG 009R.jpg (309576 bytes)

MGB & trailer

2008MG 022R.jpg (311465 bytes)

Rear view

2008MG 018R.jpg (262388 bytes)

Custom interior

2008MG 011R.jpg (232923 bytes)

MG inspired "outdoor furniture"
2008MG 023R.jpg (241374 bytes)

Parking lot car show

2008MG 024R.jpg (308325 bytes)

MGBs all over the place

2008MG 025R.jpg (335250 bytes)

Another parking lot of MGs

2008MG 027R.jpg (273213 bytes)

Lone TR6 among MGs

2008MG 028R.jpg (308794 bytes)

Doug's MGB among  MG mix
IMG_2050R.jpg (250841 bytes)

MG Metro

IMG_2058R.jpg (222638 bytes)

Louvered bonnet

IMG_2062R.jpg (316697 bytes)

RHD factory V8 MGB GT

IMG_1480R.jpg (214856 bytes)

Lone Jaguar

IMG_1481R.jpg (179242 bytes)

Not a factory yellow!
IMG_1485R.jpg (226760 bytes)

Early MGB GT

IMG_2049R.jpg (279991 bytes)

A crowd can only mean, 

IMG_2054R.jpg (248093 bytes)

Imprompto John Twist repair session

IMG_7486R.jpg (204327 bytes)

'Nuff said!

IMG_7485R.jpg (228710 bytes)

John's tech session
IMG_2065R.jpg (229011 bytes)

He draws a crowd!

IMG_2063R.jpg (285479 bytes)

Citron (s'not green, s'not yellow)

IMG_1476R.jpg (201458 bytes)

'69 Primrose yellow MGB

IMG_1473R.jpg (182632 bytes)
Goes under the tent

IMG_2067R.jpg (282874 bytes)

RHD factory V8 GT
IMG_1488R.jpg (225111 bytes)

John  listens to owner's complaint

IMG_1487R.jpg (181798 bytes)

Working on carbs