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Pictures from the MG2007 trip 14-21 July, page 3
Jack London State Park, Sonoma, Sausalito

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Jack London State park in Glen Ellen

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Cacti & outbuilding

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View from winery ruins
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Cottage where they lived

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Rear view

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Porch where he wrote

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View from rear

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Jack London Vineyard

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Original winery 

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Widow's house

IMG_4524R.jpg (306142 bytes)

Plaque on house
IMG_4541R.jpg (359323 bytes)

Mansion ruins

IMG_4540R.jpg (339995 bytes)

Stone walls all that's left

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Another view

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Valley of the Moon Winery

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Stopping for lunch in Sonoma

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Dining alfresco

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Typical architecture

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Historical Park
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Old hotel

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In courtyard

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Old mission in Sonoma

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Dining hall
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Back courtyard

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Water fountain

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Old building across street

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Sonoma mural

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Downtown park

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City Hall

IMG_4572R.jpg (282938 bytes)

Sebastiani Winery

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Party bus
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View in Sausalito

IMG_1127R.jpg (215982 bytes)

Mike & Susan take aim

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More waterfront views

IMG_1133R.jpg (94438 bytes)

Across the Bay

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Typical houses
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Building on a hill

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Park setting

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Water fountain

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License plate map art
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Yachts in Sausalito

IMG_1163R.jpg (263973 bytes)

Sea of masts