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Pictures from MG2007 Convention held 16-20 July, page 2

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IMG_0898R.jpg (218020 bytes)

Lone MG 1100

IMG_0925R.jpg (176591 bytes)

Kelvin Dodd from Moss Motors

IMG_0882R.jpg (237107 bytes)

Moss Motors test vehicle
IMG_0881R1.jpg (232568 bytes)

AC & supercharged!

IMG_4394R.jpg (221007 bytes)

Barry & Mike talk to Kelvin

IMG_0891R.jpg (223290 bytes)

Modified MGB's

IMG_0893R.jpg (225858 bytes)

More V8 MGB's

IMG_0931R.jpg (189151 bytes)

Colorful engine
IMG_0871R.jpg (223946 bytes)


IMG_0892R.jpg (170452 bytes)

Pith helmeted owner

IMG_0894R.jpg (178581 bytes)


IMG_0917R.jpg (154177 bytes)

Valve cover racing

IMG_0924R.jpg (150609 bytes)

More racing
IMG_4404R.jpg (156155 bytes)

Sorry Safari grille badge

IMG_4405R.jpg (152805 bytes)

Coronation badge on 'TD

IMG_0932R.jpg (180786 bytes)

Owner listens to John Twist

IMG_4411R.jpg (177330 bytes)
Rolling tech session

IMG_0894R1.jpg (201926 bytes)

Hanging on to every word!
IMG_4413R.jpg (160127 bytes)

Up to his elbows!

IMG_0935R.jpg (175906 bytes)

MGs under the canopy

IMG_0936R.jpg (163178 bytes)

Lining up for the rustic drive

IMG_0937R.jpg (159174 bytes)

Others fall in

IMG_4418R.jpg (189525 bytes)

And more
IMG_4421R.jpg (222109 bytes)

From the rear

IMG_0944R.jpg (272215 bytes)

Occidental, CA

IMG_0897R1.jpg (183641 bytes)

Village map

IMG_4425R.jpg (246753 bytes)

Close up

IMG_4427R.jpg (276521 bytes)

Italian restaurant
IMG_0943R.jpg (144577 bytes)

MGs next door

IMG_0940R.jpg (198690 bytes)

MGs in the parking lot

IMG_0939R.jpg (184544 bytes)

Bohemian Highway

IMG_0901R1.jpg (328219 bytes)

Catholic church

IMG_0904R.jpg (314200 bytes)

Howard's Cafe
IMG_0947R.jpg (214247 bytes)

Railroad art

IMG_4429R.jpg (147505 bytes)

Italian dinner

IMG_0948R.jpg (166433 bytes)

Opposite view

IMG_0907R.jpg (140579 bytes)

Susan & Mike

IMG_4431R.jpg (249490 bytes)

Barry & Mike
IMG_1033R.jpg (217912 bytes)

MGs in the early evening

IMG_4575R.jpg (172411 bytes)


IMG_0603.jpg (169511 bytes)

Mike, Susan, & Barry at the banquet

IMG_0598.jpg (170941 bytes)

Susan & Barry