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Pictures from the 2006 Winery Tour 29-30 April
Page 2, pictures from Saturday night and Sunday

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DSC07812R.jpg (93240 bytes)

Mike & Chuck checkout seat belt retractor

057-Dinner stop R1.jpg (47932 bytes)

MGBs at sunset

058-Hotel meeting room R1.jpg (65855 bytes)

Hotel meeting room

IMG_1019R.jpg (55720 bytes)

Wine & conversation

P1010028R.jpg (44366 bytes)

Sunday morning meeting

P1010029R.jpg (58128 bytes)

Detour to Ingleside Plantation

P1010030R.jpg (73410 bytes)
Turning around
072-Ingleside Plantation R1.jpg (74707 bytes)
MGBs & plantation house
066-Barb & Mike R1.jpg (77544 bytes)
Barb & Mike by duck pond
P1010035R.jpg (62153 bytes)

Pair of swans

DSC07826R.jpg (90498 bytes)

Beckey & Alan

IMG_1035R.jpg (117108 bytes)
Barb, Mike & '70 MGB
IMG_1036R.jpg (112983 bytes)
Beckey & Chuck hide in GM (not MG)
P1010038R.jpg (40605 bytes)
Triumph welcomes MGs at Hummell Vineyards

P1010039R.jpg (57346 bytes)

Heading toward winery

P1010042R.jpg (88064 bytes)

Lined up at winery

098-MGs at Hummel R1.jpg (77877 bytes)
Opposite view
IMG_1040R.jpg (119036 bytes)
George & Peggy
IMG_1041R.jpg (135283 bytes)
Gathering to go in

079-Hummel Winery R1.jpg (111880 bytes)

Winery is restored barn

092-MGs welcomed R1.jpg (67646 bytes)

Welcome MG club

083-Learning the process R1.jpg (70163 bytes)
Learning the process
DSC07828 R.jpg (108208 bytes)
Checking out facility
P1010040R.jpg (60731 bytes)
Preparing for the tasting

085-Host Dr Keith Hummel R1.jpg (60788 bytes)

Host Dr. Keith Hummell

DSC07830R.jpg (108532 bytes)

Explaining the wines

094-Tasting at Hummel R1.jpg (54486 bytes)
IMG_1050R.jpg (98640 bytes)
Answering questions
DSC07829R.jpg (109207 bytes)

IMG_1058R.jpg (51768 bytes)

Drowsy Monk wines

IMG_1064R.jpg (78970 bytes)

Betty is served lunch

IMG_1068R.jpg (102489 bytes)
Barb & Mike
IMG_1069R.jpg (106535 bytes)
The Early's & Beckey
P1010044R.jpg (108689 bytes)
Enjoying lunch

102-Kate Hummel R1.jpg (74311 bytes)

Kate Hummell plays an Irish jig

P1010045R.jpg (65184 bytes)

Peggy & George, a Drowsy Monk, & a fiddler

IMG_1076R.jpg (110509 bytes)
Relaxing on the deck after lunch
P1010043R.jpg (95106 bytes)
Relaxing at the opposite end
104-Panorama house R1.jpg (67317 bytes)
Manor house

105-home tour R1.jpg (85402 bytes)

Taking a tour

IMG_8685R.jpg (55250 bytes)

Front of house

P1010051R.jpg (55690 bytes)
Walking down to the lake
111-Antique stop in Lively R1.jpg (55867 bytes)
MGs in Lively VA
112-Antiques in Lively R1.jpg (81064 bytes)
Shopping for antiques

P1010052R.jpg (49189 bytes)

MG reflection in Kilmarnock