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Pictures from the Winery Tour, 14-15 May 2005
Page 2, pictures from Sunday

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Sunday morning parking lot

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Welcome to Afton Mountain Vineyards

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MGs by the vineyards

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Opposite view

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Entering the winery

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Getting a tour

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In the wine cellar
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By the bottling machine
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Not the same room!
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Tasting room

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TMGC at the bar!

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Sampling wines
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Close up of grapevine
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Support VA wine!

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Vince & Pam

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Robin & Olive

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Tom & Marie
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Alan & Beckey
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Jim & Betty

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Stopping for lunch

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Restaurant greeter

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Lunch at Wild Greens
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Oakencroft Winery
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Parking up close

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Sampling wines

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Relaxing by the pond

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Mike & Denise
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Final driving instructions
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James River Cellars Winery

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Last tasting of the trip