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Pictures from the MG2005 Trip 3-12 July
Page 2, Victoria, BC & Olympic Peninsula   


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Bee in flower

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Original home

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Buchart Gardens Harbor

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Crystal Garden building

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Old gas station

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Victoria architecture

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Old Town

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Lunch at Swan's Brewpub

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Mike & Barry at Harbor 
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Empress Hotel

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Flower bed

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Parliament building

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Approaching Port Angeles
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Coast Guard base
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Lodgings in Port Angeles

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Along Hwy 101

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Pacific Coast Beach

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Beach thru the trees
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Mike & Barry
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Lighthouse on island

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Along the beach

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River to the sea

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Rock formation
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Rocky coastline
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Searching tidal pools

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Sea urchins

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View of coastline

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Hoh Rain Forest
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Trees in the mist
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Twisted roots

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Eerie sight

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New growth from fallen tree

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Hanging moss
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Barry walking down trail
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Ferns and roots

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Barry & Mike

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By  fallen tree

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Sue & Barry on trail
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Lunch at Hard Rain Cafe
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Another beach

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Path to beach

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Smooth, open beach

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Barry checking out rock formations
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Old MG dealership in Aberdeen WA