TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the MG2005 Convention 7-10 July
Page 2, more pictures from the show, tech sessions, banquet,
 Salmon BBQ, and LeMay car museum

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V8 Power

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Old panel truck

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Furry MG attendee

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Kelvin Dodd from Moss Motors

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Tech session

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Cut-away 1500 MGA motor
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Transmission on display
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Barry & Mike examine motor
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Front view

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Jazz ensemble at banquet

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'64 MGB on display
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Mike, Barry, Sue, Jennifer, & Mike at banquet
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Squaxin Island Museum Center

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Queuing for dinner

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Cultural museum

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Learning history
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LeMay car museum

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MGs at LeMay museum

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LeMay Hall

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Opposite view
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Cars in former gym
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Mercury truck

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Kaiser Darrin