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Pictures from the Winery Tour, 10-11 July
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Burnley Tasting room

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Tasting wine

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Learning about wine glasses

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Rolling countryside

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MGs in Orange VA

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Host hotel

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Dinner in Orange

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Relaxing at dinner

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Another vew

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Saturday night tasting

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Group photo
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MGs & octagon barn

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On the road again

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MGs through the woods

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Blenheim Vineyards

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Inside view

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Tasting room

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View down into wine cellar

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Inside wine cellar

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Learning about the vineyard

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Members relaxing

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Jim relaxes in rocking chair

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Mike enjoying the view

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MGs at Blenheim Vineyards

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MGs at Kluge Estate Farm Shop

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MGs in the parking lot

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Lunch at Kluge Estate Farm Shop

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MGs at First Colony Winery

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First Colony Winery