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Pictures from the MG 2004 trip, 21-29 June
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Stairway to 2nd floor

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Speedwell Farm

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Ironworks barn

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Caretaker's house

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Barn where S.B Morse experimented with telegraph

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Diving ducks

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NYC view from tour bus

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Interesting architecture

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Children's park

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Cathedral Church of Saint John

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Inside view
Dcp_0072.jpg (51562 bytes)

600' long church

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Stained glass

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St. Paul's Cathedral

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Entering Times Square

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View from bus

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All lit up

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World Financial Center pier

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View of "Ground Zero"

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Inside World Financial Center complex

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Heartland Brewery for lunch

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Fulton Market

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South St. Seaport

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Brooklyn Bridge

P6240063r.jpg (51188 bytes)

Barry, Sue, & Mike

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Looking up

Dcp_0087r.jpg (100100 bytes)

Looking down

Img_3743r.jpg (105382 bytes)

Looking down

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Buildings all around

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Central Park in center

P6240066r.jpg (58351 bytes)

Buildings as far as the eye can see

P6240065r.jpg (28825 bytes)

Looking towards Statue of Liberty

Dcp_0151r.jpg (110836 bytes)

4 Sisters Winery

Img_3800r.jpg (77968 bytes)
Alba Winery

P6270127r.jpg (82036 bytes)

Kings Road Winery