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Pictures from the MG 2004 Convention, 24-27 June, Parsippany, NJ
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P6260114r.jpg (86286 bytes)

Row of V8s

P6260113r.jpg (59235 bytes)

V8 'GT

P6260115r.jpg (89139 bytes)

Radical V8

dougmg2004_22.jpg (67658 bytes)

Custom engine bay

Dcp_0111r.jpg (98574 bytes)

"Silver Lady"

Dcp_0109r.jpg (91505 bytes)

Custom interior

Dcp_0105r.jpg (111670 bytes)

V8 power

Dcp_0133r.jpg (93201 bytes)
Another V8
P6260087r.jpg (79956 bytes)
UK chrome bumper V8
P6260088r.jpg (81216 bytes)
UK rubber bumper V8
P6260106r.jpg (70717 bytes)

Supercharged MGB

P6260093r.jpg (54292 bytes)

Lotus Elan &
 Hillman Minx

dougmg2004_13.jpg (57462 bytes)
Morris Minor
P6260080r.jpg (54663 bytes)

'76 Reliant

P6260079r.jpg (55587 bytes)

Daimler SP250
P6260095r.jpg (54230 bytes)

Rear view just as ugly

dougmg2004_6.jpg (54533 bytes)

Banquet parking lot

P6260117r.jpg (54305 bytes)
TMGC members &
Canadian friends
P6260118r.jpg (39116 bytes)
Doug takes a 2nd
P6260120r.jpg (47280 bytes)
Craig takes a 1st