TMGC Picture Gallery 

More pictures from the SVBCC Waynesboro show
held 3-5 October, Page 2   

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Spitfires & TR7s

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The Cummings win grand prize

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Enjoying lunch

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Opposite view, towards Open class
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Side view

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Mr. Cook shows his '26 Rolls Royce

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Sunbeam hot rod

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Rolls & Ivan's '51 Daimler
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60s Rover 3500

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Rolls & Rolls Vanden Plas
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MG 1100, Magnette, Jensen Interceptor, TVR

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'49 Alvis
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'56 MGA 

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Bruce Woodson's latest project

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TMGC members at banquet

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Boars Head Inn in C'ville
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MGs at Wine Festival

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MGA loads up with wine

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Sue's GT takes a ride
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Gassman Automotive in Waynesboro

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Sue's GT gets wheel cylinder rebuild