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Pictures from MG 2003, 18-21 June, St. Louis MO
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Old river showboat sign

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St. Charles MO

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Carriage tours

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Driving along the Mississippi river in IL

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Ferry across the Mississippi river

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MGs on the ferry

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View across the river to IL

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Sue & her 'GT

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Taking the metro to downtown St. Louis
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Gateway Arch
Img_2024r.jpg (73374 bytes)
Archway Plaque
Img_2061r.jpg (38500 bytes)
Mike & archway
Img_2062r.jpg (41470 bytes)

Sue & archway

P1010075r.jpg (49497 bytes)

At the top

Img_2036r.jpg (44699 bytes)
Barry & Mike at the top
Dcp_0119r.jpg (59935 bytes)

Sue & Mike take in the view

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Downtown St. Louis MO
St. Louis-19.JPG (70012 bytes)

Looking down on old courthouse

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Busch stadium

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Riverboat casino in IL

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P1010077r.jpg (46997 bytes)

Waiting for car back down

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Riding back down in pod
P1010082r.jpg (40135 bytes)

View from riverboat cruise

Dcp_0140r.jpg (36461 bytes)

Archway & riverboat

Img_2047r.jpg (25173 bytes)

Archway & downtown

St. Louis-16.JPG (45160 bytes)
Inside Busch stadium
St. Louis-20.JPG (56356 bytes)

Frank & son at the Hard Rock cafe

Dcp_0172r.jpg (84470 bytes)
AB Brewery Tour
Img_2068r.jpg (97479 bytes)

Clydesdale horses

Img_2070r.jpg (93594 bytes)

Horse "barn"

Img_2072r.jpg (56477 bytes)

1904 chandelier inside horse barn

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Old beer wagon
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One of many buildings

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Img_2079r.jpg (89671 bytes)

Hops chandelier

Dcp_0162r.jpg (91147 bytes)

Mash tanks

Dcp_0165r.jpg (81939 bytes)

Brew kettles

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