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More pictures from the Gold Cup Historic Races at VIR 6-8 June
Page 3 pictures from Barry

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Cobra in R&T article
511826-R1-6r.jpg (42789 bytes)
The Giffin stable

511826-R1-7.jpg (89983 bytes)

North Paddock area

511826-R1-13r.jpg (50338 bytes)

Falcon Sprint from the UK

511825-R1-2A.jpg (83854 bytes)

Action on South Bend

511823-R1-6A.jpg (71143 bytes)
Entering Oak Tree turn
511823-R1-7A.jpg (85737 bytes)
Exiting the turn

511823-R1-9A.jpg (83054 bytes)

MGB GT V8 in Oak Tree turn

511825-R1-16Ar.jpg (40240 bytes)

Exiting the turn

511825-R1-4Ar.jpg (52992 bytes)

MGs exiting Oak Tree turn

511825-R1-7Ar.jpg (46198 bytes)
More MGs
511823-R1-0A.jpg (89917 bytes)


511823-R1-10A.jpg (73508 bytes)

Another MGB GT
511823-R1-11A.jpg (89507 bytes)

T series exiting Oak Tree turn

511823-R1-12A.jpg (85101 bytes)
Another T
511823-R1-13A.jpg (83047 bytes)

Hank exiting Oak Tree turn

511823-R1-14A.jpg (74437 bytes)
In front of South Paddock stand

511823-R1-2A.jpg (74404 bytes)

Midget with MGA in background

511823-R1-8A.jpg (62360 bytes)

T in the rain

511825-R1-9A.jpg (74775 bytes)
Watching races in the rain
511823-R1-16Ar.jpg (34677 bytes)

Racers on NASCAR Bend

511823-R1-21Ar.jpg (35967 bytes)

MGA leads Ryan Giffin

511823-R1-17Ar.jpg (40905 bytes)

Tracking Ryan
511823-R1-22A.jpg (87016 bytes)

Ryan & her Elva

511823-R1-23Ar.jpg (37999 bytes)
Entering Left Hook
511823-R1-19Ar.jpg (38001 bytes)

Half-way through

511823-R1-24Ar.jpg (37339 bytes)

More shots by Hospitality Pavillion

Dcp_0450.jpg (82361 bytes)

T's before Left Hook
Dcp_0453.jpg (79434 bytes)

MGAs before Left Hook

Dcp_0455.jpg (77289 bytes)
Threatening skies
Dcp_0460r.jpg (44558 bytes)

Mustang GT leads Penske Camaro

Dcp_0458r.jpg (41852 bytes)

Track official

Dcp_0449r.jpg (64033 bytes)

T's in Left Hook
511826-R1-12r.jpg (34392 bytes)

Waiting our turn for track time

Dcp_0447.jpg (79019 bytes)
After our turn on the track