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More pictures from the Gold Cup Historic Races at VIR 6-8 June
Page 2 pictures from Sue 

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Img_1784r.jpg (46758 bytes)
We made it to VIR
Img_1786r.jpg (37359 bytes)
Threatening skies

Img_1787r.jpg (56575 bytes)

Mike checks out Doug's MGB

Img_1789r.jpg (82462 bytes)

Purple passion

Img_1790r.jpg (75966 bytes)

Pair of pre-wars

Img_1780r.jpg (75566 bytes)
Open-wheeled racer
Img_1795r.jpg (82704 bytes)
T series racer

Img_1796r.jpg (66836 bytes)

Pair of MGAs

Img_1800r.jpg (54769 bytes)

Mini pickup

Img_1832r.jpg (70559 bytes)

Lou Marchant & her MGA

Img_1844r.jpg (54038 bytes)
Ryan leaving paddock
Img_1806r.jpg (57023 bytes)

Craig & Doug entering Left Hook

Img_1824r.jpg (72498 bytes)

Seeking shelter
Img_1825r.jpg (66178 bytes)

Bs from under cover

Img_1819r.jpg (33583 bytes)
'GT on the track
Img_1822r.jpg (63534 bytes)

Pair of Ts leaving Oak Tree turn

Img_1821r.jpg (25512 bytes)
South Bend

Img_1827r.jpg (50600 bytes)

Standing by

Img_1849r.jpg (59442 bytes)

Crowded track

Img_1862r.jpg (75441 bytes)
Getting a little help
Img_1867r.jpg (44071 bytes)

Penske Camaro

Img_1836r.jpg (32843 bytes)

Waiting our turn on the track

Img_1840r.jpg (29870 bytes)

Sign from Sue's 'GT
Img_1835r.jpg (49822 bytes)

At the hotel in South Boston

Img_1868r.jpg (62700 bytes)
Changing flat tire