TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Banquet and from "On the Road"
5-7 Oct 2001 Waynesboro VA
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Waynes01-40.jpg (27449 bytes)

Frank takes 2nd place

Waynes01-41.jpg (27110 bytes)

Doug takes a 1st place

Waynes01-42.jpg (24188 bytes)

The "Wes & Bill Show"

Waynesboro01-15.jpg (22856 bytes)

TMGC members

Waynes01-01.jpg (16009 bytes)

Blue Ridge Pkwy overlook

Waynes01-03.jpg (49301 bytes)

B's lined up at overlook

Waynesboro01-02.jpg (39280 bytes)

Old log cabin on the the parkway 

Waynes01-05.jpg (66504 bytes)

On the Parkway

Waynes01-45.jpg (29110 bytes)

Horse races at Oak Ridge Plantation

Waynes01-46.jpg (18827 bytes)

Harness racing

Waynes01-51.jpg (60309 bytes)
Oak Ridge
Waynes01-47.jpg (33019 bytes)

Rear view

Waynes01-49.jpg (38268 bytes)

Greenhouse needing repair

Waynes01-50.jpg (54584 bytes)

Oak Ridge train station

Waynesboro01-17.jpg (36744 bytes)

Mike & Barry at the gated entrance

Waynes01-52.jpg (53779 bytes)
B's at Oak Ridge
Waynes01-53.jpg (43784 bytes)
Another view

Waynes01-59.jpg (44462 bytes)

"Point of Honor" in Lynchburg

Waynes01-60.jpg (43714 bytes)

Patrick Henry's "Red Hill" farm in Brookneal

Waynes01-62.jpg (39799 bytes)

His law office

Waynes01-63.jpg (48693 bytes)

B's in Keysville at the Haag residence