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Pictures from Wings and Wheels 2000, 30 Sep, Topping VA

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hummelsign.jpg (80179 bytes)

Hummel Airport

paraglider.jpg (94596 bytes)

Would you fly in this?

paraglider2.jpg (45568 bytes)

Someone does!

paragliding.jpg (66703 bytes)

Another view

ultralight.jpg (85604 bytes)


ultralight2.jpg (68604 bytes)

Ultra-light taking off

biplane.jpg (94510 bytes)


biplane2.jpg (51726 bytes)

Biplane taking off

biplane3.jpg (52716 bytes)

Another view

CGhelicopter.jpg (48137 bytes)

Coast Guard helicopter

chesapeakeSAR.jpg (51290 bytes)
Chesapeake SAR ultra-light
W&w00-5.jpg (7003 bytes)

SAR overhead

W&w00-2.jpg (23638 bytes)

Field of planes

W&w00-3.jpg (16062 bytes)

Taking off

W&w00-1.jpg (17338 bytes)

CG helo leaving

W&w00-6.jpg (16777 bytes)

Another view

W&w00-4.jpg (17580 bytes)
Army helo
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